Waves Renaissance Vox
Waves Renaissance Vox

Renaissance Vox, Software compressor from Waves in the Renaissance series.

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Hatsubai 07/21/2011

Waves Renaissance Vox : Hatsubai のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Dynamic processor for vocals"

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I'll be up front about this in that I don't use this plugin too often given that I'm a death metal guitarist. When I do vocals, it's mostly guttural stuff with tons of compression and gain boosts. However, I do some 80s metal and even rock in my spare time. Doing clean vocals takes quite a bit of effort, and for them to sound "alive" takes a good amount of processing. Too many times have I had someone record a great take only for it to not sit in the mix nicely. I've used this plugin very successfully on those vocals to help add some dynamics and give them that sparkle they needed to sit nicely. The plugin is basically a compressor, gate, limiter, maximizer, etc. in one. It's very simple to use and has only a few sliders -- gate, comp and gain. By adjusting these three sliders, you can get some great vocal mixes without having to spend hours and hours processing them.


Waves is the king when it comes to things like stability and performance. They're almost unbeatable in this category. I've never experienced a single crash or hiccup while using this plugin inside of my favorite DAW -- Logic Pro. The plugin is cross compatible, and that means that almost every user out there should be able to utilize this plugin on their favorite machine. It also doesn't take up too much RAM or processing power, which is a huge plus. There is one issue I have experienced, however. The plugin itself is a 32 bit plugin. I run a 64 bit DAW, and it can be a real pain because Logic Pro has to run a special bridge application to utilize this inside the 64 bit workspace. I'm hoping they'll update this plugin later down the road to work in 64 bit environments natively. I've been using the Mercury bundle for about half a year now, and I'm loving every minute of it.


Don't get me wrong, this one plugin won't magically make your vocals all of the sudden sound amazing. However, despite it being a very basic setup, it's pretty powerful. I was able to get some great results when combining this plugin with a few others to really help make a vocal mix stand out. I highly recommend it to anybody who records cleaner vocals.