Slate Digital FG-X Virtual Mastering Processor
Slate Digital FG-X Virtual Mastering Processor

FG-X Virtual Mastering Processor, Software compressor from Slate Digital.

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tarrtime 12/12/2012

Slate Digital FG-X Virtual Mastering Processor : tarrtime のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Makes your mixes loud"

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FG-X is a digital limiter plug-in from Slate Digital. It also includes a compressor module as part of the effects chain. The software can be purchased and downloaded from the Slate Digital webpage. Authorization is completed using an iLok2. Getting started with the plug-in is easy. There are even presets included if you aren't sure how to set all the parameters like 'attack', 'release', 'ratio' for a style of music.


FG-X includes a decent metering GUI to help you limit your mix. I am not a professional mastering engineer by any means, but this plug-in makes it really easy to get my mixes loud. Some of the features like 'ITP' and 'Dynamic Perception' should only be used subtly. Steven Slate made a video after the plug-in had been out for a while and recommended that the ITP slider never be moved. Apparently he thinks this feature wasn't really that important after all.


The limiter on FG-X is the selling point for me. It will really make your mix loud. The compressor is really transparent, which is something many people like. My preference is to use a bus compressor that adds some 'color' to my mix. I either use an SSL Bus Comp plug-in or a Fairchild plug-in. Occasionally, I will use the FG-Comp for 1-2 dB of gain reduction, but most of the time I leave it in bypass.
The FG-X has some unique features to shape the transients of a mix. It has settings to help increase the attack of snare and bass drums. I was originally interested in FG-X because of this. I had originally found that most limiters cause these instruments to almost 'disappear' in my mix. Therefore, I had been over compensating the level of the snare and bass drums to make sure they stood out in the mix. I thought FG-X would solve this problem. Don't get me wrong, it can definitely boost the snare and bass drums of your mix, however I think it sounds artificial many times. I've found that if you want your drums to punch in your final mix, it is best to mix them properly long before they hit the final mix-down limiter.