Bomb Factory Joemeek SC2
Bomb Factory Joemeek SC2

Joemeek SC2, Software compressor from Bomb Factory.

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mooseherman 09/20/2010

Bomb Factory Joemeek SC2 : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Plug-In Compressor that emulates the Joe Meek outboard compressor"

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This plug-in, made by Bomb factory, who I'm starting to really like, is a pretty solid plug-in. There have not been any compatibility issues for me, all of the Bomb Factory plug-ins I've used have been uniformly solid in terms of installation. The manual was perfectly clear about setup, and I wasn't confused in the least. The setup of this plug-in wasn't any more or less complicated than any other (that is, if you are aware of what gear you're using, and you know what you're doing, it'll go smoothly.) The regular functions of this compressor are easy to use always.


The software has always worked fine for me. I can't really use the same plug-in on more than 5 or six tracks for the most part, but then, there's never much need for that anyway. If I absolutely needed to use it on multiple tracks, I would bus some of them to an auxiliary track in order to use it once for multiple tracks. I've never gotten bogged down while using this plug-in, except when I tried to use it on more than six tracks, after which I ran into some trouble. Honestly though, that's more likely because of my Pro-Tools setup than the plug-in itself, as it happens with almost any plug-in being used that much. I've only recently started using this plug-in a lot but I do like it.


I've heard that this is a good plug-in, but it pales in comparison to the actual Joe Meek dynamic processor(s) that it's based off of. I haven't used one of them as of right now, but I do think that it's a pretty great plug-in. The interface is really simple, and resembles the analog gear. The sounds that I've gotten with it are pretty great, they are subtle like a great compressor of this type should be. This distinguishes it from some other Bomb Factory compressors which are anything but subtle (though those are good too.) I like this, and while I probably wouldn't say it's my favorite compressor plug-in, I'm starting to really enjoy it a lot.