Summit MPE-200
Summit MPE-200
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moosers 09/23/2010

Summit MPE-200 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Summit MPE-200 is a high end microphone dual channel preamplifier and equalizer. It was designed by Rupert Neve in tandem with Summit Audio. It's got analog circuity, but works with LED screens and a digital interface. I don't know all of the connections that it has, as the one that I have used was already hooked into the patch bay and there wasn't a need for me to do anything with the connections. It is rack mountable and will take up two spaces.


Using the Summit MPE-200 definitely takes a bit of getting used to, but if you're familiar with preamps and general equalization, it shouldn't be too hard for your to figure this out. The main thing is adjusting to the LED screens. However, on the EQ you've got your standard parameters for gain and frequency, as well as bandwidth shape. There's an input gain knob for the preamp and also a master output volume. I haven't looked at the manual, but it might be helpful if you're buying one and want to learn everything there is to know about it.


The Summit MPE-200 is an all around amazing sounding channel strip. The preamps on this are some of the best of their kind, as everything comes in with a great amount of detail and fullness, depending on the microphone of course. It always seems to paint a very accurate and realistic sound of whatever you're capturing. The EQ is also outstanding and there is an almost endless amount of control as you can get super fine with it. Basically, if you're looking to boost or cut in small amount at specific frequencies, this is possible with the MPE-200. You won't be able to say that about most channel strips, and when paired with the killer preamps, it's hard to beat the MPE-200.


Summit Audio has an outstanding line of gear to offer, with the MPE-200 being one of their finest products. Of course it's going to cost you an arm and a leg to get one, and to be honest I'm not really sure that it's worth the price. Having said this, I use one at the studio where I work, so I don't have to pay at all for it. It's basically the front end in one of our smaller rooms, and it certainly sees a lot of action. If you're interested in dropping a ton of money on a dual channel preamp/EQ combo for your front end, whether it be in a professional or home studio, the Summit MPE-200 should definitely be in the discussion.