Traynor YBA-2B Bass Mate
Traynor YBA-2B Bass Mate

YBA-2B Bass Mate, ベース用コンボ from Traynor.

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moosers 01/17/2011

Traynor YBA-2B Bass Mate : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Traynor YBA-2B Bass Mate is a bass guitar combo amp. It's a pretty compact amplifier and is all tube based. I don't know the exact years on this amp, but there are two versions of this amp with different tubes. I believe the one I've used is from the late 60's, which is the one pictured above. This version of the amp has 6V6 tubes and a 15" speaker. It's got two separate 1/4" inputs in the front and I don't know what's on the back panel since I've never had to make any connections back there...


The front panel of the Traynor YBA-2B Bass Mate couldn't be any easier to operate, as it only has three knobs. These include controls for bass and treble EQ control and one for overall volume control. That's all there is to using the amp, so definitely no need for a manual.


The Traynor YBA-2B Bass Mate absolutely rips! I've only used it for bass guitar, but it's probably pretty great for guitar as well. As for it's use with bass, this is really the perfect recording amp. It might not be as good for live shows, since it's got a certain sound and is best suited when blended with a more defined DI sound. It's definitely an aggressive sound, which is usually I'm looking for in a bass amp sound. I've used it with a Fender P-Bass, which really blended well with the vibe of this amp.


The Traynor YBA-2B Bass Mate is truly an awesome amp for guitar and while I can't say so from experience, I'd bet it sounds great for guitar as well. It packs a lot of punch for a pretty compact amp, though it's vertically tall. I really love the vibe of this amp, but it wouldn't be the best choice for an all purpose bass amp since it's pretty old and fragile. Be sure to see the difference between older and later versions of the Traynor YBA-2B Bass Mate as they're quite different!