Peavey TNT 115
Peavey TNT 115

TNT 115, ベース用コンボ from Peavey in the TNT series.

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moosers 07/12/2010

Peavey TNT 115 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Peavey TNT 115 is a versatile bass guitar amplifier that is useful in any situation where you’d want a bass amplifier. I’ve used the amplifier both for recording and for live shows, although I was playing with someone who was playing with this amp rather than using it myself. The amp is a big one, and is very heavy, as we had to use a dolly most of the time to move it around. I don’t know the exact size of the main speaker, but it’s got a large woofer as well as a smaller tweeter on it. It’s got ¼” connections for the main input, as well as for headphones. It also has an XLR output for sending a direct signal from the amp and using it sort of like a DI box. It also has a foot switch jack input and send and return loop ¼” connections.


The make up of the Peavey TNT 115 certainly offers up a lot of flexibility. It’s vast array of parameters is definitely the highlight of this amplifier in my opinion. Even with everything going on, it’s pretty easy to use if you take it piece by piece. The input section has a pre gain knob, as well as buttons for choosing either an active or passive input selection, a bright switch, and a contour switch. There is then a ground switch in the line out section, followed by a seven band graphic equalizer, and two knobs for controlling a more general high and low frequency bands. Lastly, the master section has a main volume knob. A manual might be a good idea for a beginner, but most users should be able to figure out how to use everything without one.


The sound of the Peavey TNT 115 can definitely take on many different forms. There’s a lot of room to get different sounds here and to tweak for use with different bass guitars, but the overall sound is full and boasts a ton of bottom end. It’s got the power to give you a nice and full sound, and it’s certainly nice to be able to tweak this much. The bass that I’ve mostly used with it and heard used with it is a Fender Jazz Bass. Another thing about the TNT 115 is that it can get extremely loud! Usually having the volume on half way is more than enough…


The Peavey TNT 115 is overall a very solid bass amplifier. It has more control over your sound than you’ll find with most bass amps, which is certainly a welcome thing in any situation. Even if you don’t do much tweaking, it’s easy to get a nice and full bass sound here, whether it’s for recording or live shows. The price of the TNT 115 is definitely reasonable, so intermediate players and others alike should be able to afford this. The only downfall with the amp is how big it is, but if you’re looking for a bass guitar amplifier with a lot power, the Peavey TNT 115 is definitely worth looking at.