Carlo Robelli B1G 6 String Banjo
Carlo Robelli B1G 6 String Banjo

B1G 6 String Banjo, バンジョー from Carlo Robelli.

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moosers 02/11/2010

Carlo Robelli B1G 6 String Banjo : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Carlo Robelli B1G 6 String Banjo is a unique instrument that has the body and sound of a banjo, but has six strings like a guitar. The tuning and the size of the strings is just like a guitar, so this is made for the guitar player who wants a banjo sound but doesn't know how to play a standard five string banjo. The build of the instrument isn't the best, but for what I want to do with it, it gets the job done.


Playing the Carlo Robelli B1G 6 String Banjo is pretty easy overall, as I find that I can play up and down the neck with ease. Reaching the top notes isn't an issue, but I generally will play chords on the lower part of the neck. The instrument is pretty heavy as the resonator adds a lot of weight to it, as is the case with most banjos. While I wouldn't say that the neck of the instrument has the nicest feel out there, but it is certainly more than playable.


The sound of the Carlo Robelli B1G 6 String Banjo is certainly that of a banjo. While I could probably tell the difference between the sound of this and a real banjo, it would be pretty close. I've used this for recording on numerous occasions, as well as for a few live shows. It has a sound that will cut through a mix very well, but since I'm not an expert with 'git-jos', I don't know how this would stack up in terms of tone to other models in this price range. However, I can say for sure that if you're a guitar player looking for a six string banjo to get basic banjo tones without having to learn the instrument, this will certainly do the trick.


I really haven't seen too many Carlo Robelli B1G 6 String Banjos out there other than the one that I own. It wasn't the type of instrument that I sought out either, I saw it in a store and really liked playing it. However, mine now needs to be fixed up in terms of the intonation. I'm not sure that this would be a common problem with these, but mine does need some work. All in all, I'd encourage those interested in getting a six string banjo to check out this one, but also to check out others out there, as getting your hands on one of these would most likely be pretty difficult.