Roland GR-20
Roland GR-20
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theaudioandvideoguy 05/30/2012

Roland GR-20 : theaudioandvideoguy のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"get a new sound"

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The Roland GR 20 is an guitar synthesizer that you must own if you play the electric guitar. it’s a complete system that has a great selection of sounds like strings, organ , synths and many more. Editing everything on the Roland GR 20 couldn’t be easier either with the quick editing knobs like chorus and release / delay. The Roland GR 20 also has some of the newest and latest sounds that come on other Roland products. If you are a Les Paul type guitar player there is an attachment plate for you as well.


There was a little learning curve me to get familiar with the unit itself. It wasn’t difficult but I didn’t read any manuals so I just started messing around with it it. Using it is painless but it was one of the first type of pieces of gear like this that I have ever used so it too me a while to really get the feel and flow of how it works and what each knob does and how well it does it. But after a few hours I had no further problems. It was even fun just doing the trial and error method because I was able to create some really neat sounds. It really brought my creativity out.


Sounds are good, it has some sax, flute, and brass just to name a few. Everything seems to sound pretty realistic as well. Most Roland sounds do sound authentic and they have carried that over to the Roland GR 20.


Overall, if you are in need of a guitar synthesiser then this could be the one you need to get. It cost a little more than what I was expecting and most of Rolands products arent cheap so I do expect it to hold up for me for a long time. Only time will tell how well built it is, I havent dropped it yet so that is a plus. I am looking forwared to some more synths for guitars that roland will come out with in the future.