Moog Music Rogue
Moog Music Rogue

Rogue, アナログシンセ from Moog Music.

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AlanForPresident 07/17/2012

Moog Music Rogue : AlanForPresident のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"i love the sounds, thats why i got it"

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Moog Music Rogue, the only purpose for use using and getting this was for the anaolog synths. We where looking for those old synths used in electronic music from way back and we came across a ton of software and tried most of it out but nothing served us better than the Moog Music Rogue after using it at the store we started to save our money up for it so we could have our own in the studio. The price of it really isn’t that bad, but you only get 25 keys and not the full board which can be a hassle for me sometimes because I like to play the low end bass notes with melody lines at the same time before I record so I can get a better feel for where im going with the full song. So for the price you will pay for this, I wanted to have at least 61 keys.


No problem getting started using it, its like most boards are. Just mess around and eventually you will get the hang of it and figure everything you are looking for out.


The sounds are the only reason I was interested in it. The sounds are great for all types of music, but we wanted that electric analog synth sounds that we could make our own for our music. We have found exactly the type of sounds we where looking for in the Moog Music Rogue. I hope they come out with another version of it, if they havent already. We still have it, but don’t use it as much anymore because we have used it almost every day from 2009 to 2011. We are still in search of more boards similar to the set up of this one.


Great sounds, and great piece of gear. I am happy to have purchased this and the money was well spent. We go more than our money’s worth out of the Moog Music Rogue .