Korg Monotron Delay
Korg Monotron Delay

Monotron Delay, アナログシンセ from Korg in the Monotron series.

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mrjason 12/29/2012

Korg Monotron Delay : mrjason のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"tons of fun!!"

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The Korg Monotron DELAY is a lightweight synth that has a speaker built into it. It has an analog filter and amazing delay capabilities. With the price of it being so cheap, it is a must try. The interface of the Monotron will glow in the dark making it very cool to have around. It is great for live use or in a studio. The functions of it are amazing; you can use some of the classic filters and delays to get some really epic sounds. I mainly use it for transition sounds or for my build ups in trance.


One of the functions that I use a lot is I use the aux input, I route in other sounds from other gear and use these effects on them so I am not limited at all to what it can do. I use this in unison with my SP-404 and I can do some unheard of stuff with those two pieces of gear.


The Monotron DELAY is very light and portable. You can take it anywhere with you and as I stated it has a glow in the dark interface making it easy to see in a completely dark room or under a black light it is just so cool and fun to work with.


The Space delay is by far the best part about it, you can get some analog echo sounds that will shock you. The built in speaker is decent, but it is not that good. It will work for just messing around though. Though it only has 1 true effect (space delay) you can manipulate that effect many different ways to do some really cool stuff with it. It also has an audio output that you can use to route it out to other gear or into your DAW. It has no expansion capabilities but with it being so cheap you will just use it for one thing and one thing only!