Crumar BIT99
Crumar BIT99

BIT99, アナログシンセ from Crumar.

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AlanForPresident 07/18/2012

Crumar BIT99 : AlanForPresident のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"looking for one"

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The Bit99 from Crumar has some really good warm soft sounds. I don’t own this unit because it was too expensive but I know someone that has one and every time I get to use it , it makes me wish that I could afford to have one at my house. I don’t think its possible though because its not cheap and also the unit is a lot bigger than what I thought it was going to be. I just don’t have room for it here, I would have to store it in a closet or something and take it out when I wanted to use it, that is just too much of a hassle. But I will keep my eyes out for one just incase. You can make a very wide range of analog synths with the Bit 99. I have heard all types of sounds come out of it, nice and thick sounds. The keys seem to be semi weighted, which is pretty good, but I expected them to be a little heavier since it’s an expensive board.


Not easy to use, there will be a little learning curve and I hope you like messing with knobs. Because there are plenty of them on the Bit 99. Also the knobs will be worned down, because the unit is so old. Some of the buttons will be very easy to push in because they have been used so much over the years. So if you are looking to get one, keep that in mind and ask the buyer.


The sounds and ability to get good sounds that you are trying to create is what makes this keyboard so great in my opinion. I really wasn’t concerned with anything else except the vintage sounding analog sounds. They did not let me down, every time I get to use this keyboard I am amazed on what I can come up with just by messing around. I am not a sound designer or engineer. I just like to mess around until I get something that really catches my ear.


I will be keeping my eye out for one of these.