Yamaha MG206C
Yamaha MG206C

MG206C, アナログミキサー from Yamaha in the MG C series.

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mrjason 11/29/2012

Yamaha MG206C : mrjason のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Great EQ"

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The MG206C is a 20 channel mixer that is great for live use, it will give you an amazing amount of control over your live session. This mixer looks big but when you get your hands on it, it is not that big at all and most of all it is really light. You can take this mixer anywhere with you because it requires no effort to pack and move. All of the knobs on it are very well built as they should be for the price that this mixer cost.


You can rack this mixer if you choose to but I never did because we didn’t have the rack space at the time for it. There are 6 busses and a 3 band EQ on this mixer. The EQ is very good for this to be an analog mixer and if you are using it for live performances you will be able to really do everything you need to do with it on the spot.


The sound you will get with this mixer is great, the preamps are amazing for this price and the overall unit is very quiet. You will hear no hissing or any noises coming from it. But over time the microphone inputs can become a little loose cause some humming with the mic cables, this has only happened on 1 channel to us and we actually went and got it fixed for a cheap price.


The price you will pay for a 20 channel mixer like this one will cost about 30 percent more than this one does if you go with a different brand. The Yamaha line of analog mixers is excellent and second to none. I highly recommend using this mixer for your live sessions. It is portable and has 12 microphone preamps and inputs. You will have everything you need for your live performing band. I would purchase this again if anything ever happened to ours.