Rolls MX28 Stereo Mini Mix VI
Rolls MX28 Stereo Mini Mix VI

MX28 Stereo Mini Mix VI, アナログミキサー from Rolls.

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FP User 11/10/2008

Rolls MX28 Stereo Mini Mix VI : FP User のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Simple device: 3 stereo pairs in, 1 stereo pair out. The only thing missing is a conversion to balanced XLR.

Price paid



Super easy to use, though they should have explained more precisely which connectors are LEFT and which are RIGHT... the diagram on top of th ebox doesnt really help much.

extremely robust. little box but heavy. Never had a problem


I *think* the quality is not altered too much by the box. but i am not 100% sure.


It is quite a sweet little box, when you need it you really need it

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