Behringer Eurorack MX602A
Behringer Eurorack MX602A

Eurorack MX602A, アナログミキサー from Behringer in the Eurorack series.

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FP User 11/01/2008

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Very satisfied. I bought it mainly to do live stereo recordings of band practice sessions and hooked it up to a Philips home-stereo CD recorder and pair of Behringer ECM8000 phantom omni condensers (mics designed for measurement, but they make superb room recording mics - and they're only $40 each! I recommend these mics highly.). I put the MX602A head-to-head with a $350, 12-channel Mackie board that it's three times the size and weight and it perfomed just as well. About the only thing we're still trying to figure out is how to get two instrument inputs mixed with miked drums - but with no drums from the amp - and sending that to the CD recorder.

Price paid: $69 USD


The manual is written for sound engineers, and it shows. I don't understand a lot of it. On the other hand, I really don't know all the possibilities, so I would basically need a crash course in the fundamentals of sound engineering to really understand. This little board is a powerful tool for my music and there will be a learning curve for me. The board is really an instrument unto itself and will take some time to master. But even with the sound geek jargon, the manual conveys the pride and excitement of the Behringer team and I felt like they really want me to be happy with their products. It has no on/off switch. When you plug it in, it's on. That's a minor inconvenience.


Mindblowing cleanliness, even for a mixer at four times the cost. We cranked the amp up to a sound way beyond what you would ever normally use and just heard a slight hiss from the mixer. We did the same with the Mackie and heard a slight rumble. It's about the same amount of noise, just in different frequencies, and undetectable at normal playing or recording volumes. We did notice the EQs didn't seem to have a huge affect on the sound. The EQs are somewhat weak in that regard. But it's clean, which is most important. We can mess with the EQ at the instrument. Man, I'm stoked a $69 mixer even HAS EQs, even if they're not particularly effective.


It's as tough as hell. Would I take it to a gig? I'd take it to war.

My bandmates like its smallness so much, they want me to bring it to use as our mixer for gigs, instead of the other guy's big Mackie. We're just three in the band, so we can get away with it, but it probably wouldn't have enough inputs for a bigger band. It's so small and light that I've put scratchy velcro on the back and it holds fast to the fuzzy fabric on the side of the amp. If you had to, you could wear it, it's that petite. We've used it for practice sessions and put it through the paces. I doesn't do a lot of fancy stuff, but what it does, it does exceedingly well, at a good price, in little space, and with VERY clean sound. Mackie and other makers should really study this low cost/limited function/high quality/compact size niche or Behinger will eat their lunch. And it looks cool.

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