Lynx Studio Technology Aurora 16

Aurora 16, AD/DA コンバーター from Lynx Studio Technology.

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moosers 08/08/2010

Lynx Studio Technology Aurora 16 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Lynx Studio Technology's Aurora 16 is a 16 channel analog to digital and digital to analog converter. It's actually labeled and marketed as a high quality mastering converter, but of course it can be used in a traditional recording studio environment as well. Aurora 16 can support up to a 192 kHz sample rate as well as a 24 bit rate. It has 16 analog I/O channels and 16 AES/EBU channels as well. It has D sub ports for all of these, but also has a MIDI input and output and a word clock input and output. The unit is indeed rack mountable and will only take up a single space in a traditional rack casing.


While in general my favorite studio converters still remain those made by Apogee, the Lynx Studio Technology Aurora 16 is just as good as any of them that I've used. It's the perfect centerpiece for your studio and ensures that you'll be getting the highest quality conversion possible. For those who are new converters, I can't stress enough the importance of having a good one, as it affects everything you hear coming from both ways. The Aurora 16 is capable of converting at the highest possible rate and does an absolutely stellar job. Converters are something that you might not miss until you no longer have one, but if you're putting together a serious studio, a high quality converter is a must. While the Aurora 16 might not be necessary for all studios since it's quite high end, for those who do need something like this, there's really no better choice. While the Apogee converters are amazing and are the first place I'd recommend based on quality and price, the Aurora 16 is just as good if not better, although of course it costs a bit more. It will however, give you more options and channels than most of the single rack Apogee units, so you can get everything you need right in one place here. If you're researching high end converters to choose for you studio, the Lynx Studio Technology Aurora 16 absolutely needs to be in consideration.