Tannoy Reveal Active
Tannoy Reveal Active

Reveal Active, アクティブモニター from Tannoy in the Reveal series.

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theaudioandvideoguy 05/31/2012

Tannoy Reveal Active : theaudioandvideoguy のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Tannoy Reveal Active’s really made my music louder if you know what I mean. Normally I mix with the volume way down but it was hard with a pair of these. I wanted to mix with them blasting just because for some reason when playing the music loud with these it sounds much better than my other monitors. I will say im not a fan of the blue ish tent they have. Plus I don’t think they even have any other colors that they have come out with. Most of my studio stuff are all the same color and these just stuck out like a sore thumb if you catch my drift.


But if you are into sound, especially a big loud sound these will do the trick for you. You will have no problem turning these up to the max without it getting to bad sounding or blowing them. One thing to be aware of don’t have them too close to your monitor/ screen. The magnets in the Tannoy Reveal Actives can actually mess up your screen even if your screen is an LCD or not. It will make some discolouration over time and really damage your screen. You should have these up off of something anyways. Like some sort of a acoustic pad under them and keep them away from your monitor to achieve the best sound you can get. Also make sure you have them at eye or ear level for better mixing.


Overall, the quality of sound is great. But the price was a little to high for me to really want to keep them. The price of just one of these can get you a set of decent ones from a different brand. Not that the price is really that high but it was enough for me to return them. I would have not regretted my decision if the price was a little less.