V8, アクティブモニター from KRK in the V series.

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themaddog 06/15/2011

KRK V8 : themaddog のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Excellent studio monitors"

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The KRK V-8's (Series I) are active monitors that produce a flat response over a wide frequency range. I bought these for a steal from Daddy's Junky Music, which motivated my purchase. Someone must have listed the price wrong, but I can't remember what the price was at the time. I demoed the Protomen's first album and was sold halfway through the first song.

Because they are active monitors they have each have a built in amplifier. There are controls to boost or reduce the treble and the monitors can accept a variety of connections through one jack which accepts either XLR or TRS. The treble can be boosted by plus or minus 1 db, and the low end can get a 3 db boost at either 45, 50, or 65 Hz.

They are heavy for their size, and feel very well constructed.


These monitors sound amazing! It'll make professional recordings sound incredible, and all of the old tales about how good monitors will bring to the surface all sorts of depth to the recording ring absolutely true.

There is some missing low end, but if you pair them up with a KRK subwoofer then you'll be able to enjoy the full spectrum. The danger of mixing without a subwoofer is overmixing the low end. I've paired mine with the KRK RP10S, which although isn't in the same series, suits my needs just fine.

These monitors are fairly quiet and produce only minimal hiss when not playing back anything.


I think they're great monitors, especially since I got them for an excellent price. From what I've read, when the Series II was released from KRK the price was lowered, and although the manufacturer did not explicitly state why, they attributed to lower production costs. To me, this means one of two things (and quite possibly both): cheaper components, and lower labor costs.

That being said, I've never listened to Series II monitors, but am really happy with these speakers. The one thing people remark on when they visit my studio is how good everything sounds out of these monitors.