Genelec 8260A
Genelec 8260A

8260A, アクティブモニター from Genelec in the SAM series.

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udayan32 08/06/2013

Genelec 8260A : udayan32 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Gen 8260 for HIFI use"

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Coaxial mid /high driver(s),aluminium enclosure, DSP correction, very low distorsion levels, no need for a subwoofer.

I Use them for my pleasure only, they replace a quite expensive HIFI system.


As for the stereo imaging they are excellent (depth and width) with very precise positionning of the instruments.

The sound is very clear from bottom to top. I can hear some mixing limitations or artifactc on some records that I ve never been aware of previously. (and take into account the fact that I am not a sound engineer but just a reasonably trained listener)

The counterpart of this precision being that when it is poorly recorded the sound is very bad.


Precision , Imaging, full range, compact, are the main qualities of the product.

Previously I listen to hifi products, Altec "VOT" with multicellular horn, and Studer A5/PSI A 25 M.

in my opinion, eventhough they are very expensive, it's a bargain