A7, アクティブモニター from ADAM in the A series.

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moosers 07/23/2009

ADAM A7 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The ADAM A7s are a set of studio monitors designed for both professional and home studios.  They are self powered so they don't need an external power supply and have a volume knob on the front of each speaker.  On the back each has two knobs for room EQ and one for volume, making it possible to tune them to a degree to the room that you are using them in, which is a huge plus for home studio owners.


Overall, the ADAM A7s are a great sounding set of studio monitors.  I have used them both for monitoring during recording and for mixing, and I have found that they are definitely suitable for both applications.  They provide an accurate response all across the frequency spectrum and even though they don't have a huge low end presence, there is definitely enough there to adequately assess the low end.  The stereo imaging is fine as is the dynamics.  I can't say that I really have too many complaints about the sound of these monitors as I feel they do a great job of accurately presenting sound, making them great for mixing.


I've been using the ADAM A7s for about a year or so and I'm definitely a converted fan of these studio monitors.  I use them in a professional studio, but they are also a great pick up for any home studio owner looking for a great set of studio monitors that aren't absurdly expensive and aren't huge.  They have a compact size so you can easily bring them around with you if you wanted to and they are easily moved within the house if you find yourself moving your set up around as some people do.  The price is reasonable for a set of monitors like these even though they aren't exactly a steal price wise.  I love having the EQ in the back because it provides me with options for where I can use these, which is a big plus.  Overall, the ADAM A7s are a great set of studio monitors that I would recommend to home studio owners and professionals a like.