Steinway & Sons Traditional K-52
Steinway & Sons Traditional K-52

Traditional K-52, アコースティックピアノ from Steinway & Sons.

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moosers 09/04/2009

Steinway & Sons Traditional K-52 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Steinway & Sons Traditional K-52 is an upright acoustic piano that has the full 88 weighted keys and the standard three foot pedals.  While it isn't a grand or baby grand piano, this upright has a big sound.  Steinway & Sons is probably the best at what they do when it comes to making acoustic pianos, so I wouldn't expect anything less from them, but this really is one of the best upright pianos that I have played or recorded with.  While it certainly has a different sound than that of a Steinway grand piano, it does share a similar quality since it is made by the same brand.  Upright pianos are usually great for jazz and similar types of genres and I've found this to be true with this piano as well.  I've also used it for rock and pop music, but I try to use a grand piano for those types of genres if possible.  Beyond the great sound quality of the Steinway & Sons Traditional K-52, the look and feel is also outstanding.  The finish on the outside of it is pretty awesome and the feel of the keys is brilliant.  I always feel great about my playing while I am playing the K-52 because it is so easy to play and is easy on the fingers.  While the price is of course not cheap as this is a Steinway piano, if you are looking for an upscale upright piano, this is as good as it gets.  It will undoubtedly last a lifetime if you treat it right because it is built well and is extremely sturdy.  If you have a large budget to spend on an upright piano, the Steinway & Sons Traditional K-52 is the way to go mostly because of sound quality, but also for all of the reasons I have mentioned in this review.