Tanglewood TW15 NS CB
Tanglewood TW15 NS CB

TW15 NS CB, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Tanglewood in the Sundance series.

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mooseherman 12/02/2010

Tanglewood TW15 NS CB : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Really sweet British Guitar!"

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This is a British guitar, made by Tanglewood. They've claimed to be the best guitar manufacturer in the UK, but as Northern Ireland is in the UK, and Lowden is based in Northern Ireland, that's a dubious claim. They are, however, quite spectacular in their own right.
This guitar is acoustic-electric. It has a volume and tone control on the top part of the guitar. The body is made from mahagony, including the neck. The top however is made of spruce. There's an ebony fretboard as well.


There are 14 frets before the body of the guitar crosses the threshold, and six after. That's not really too much of a problem, though, as this guitar is not cut out for leads in the higher registers anyway, though they do sound great lower on the fretboard. This guitar is easy to make sound good, both plugged in and acoustic. It's not too heavy at all, in fact it's rather light. Everything about playing this guitar is easy.


This guitar has a fantastic sound to it. It's got a rich and deep sound but it's also quite bright. I'd say that really heavy, sloppy strumming is probably not the way to go with this guy, but light picking, light strumming, and fingerpicking would sound good with it. It has a great balance of dark and light tones, with a great amount of midrange. When plugged in, it doesn't retain quite the warmth that it projects when played acoustic, however this is a common complaint with acoustic-electrics. I'd say that I'd honestly prefer to leave it unplugged if I can, that way I can enjoy the superior sound. It suits my music pretty well, I tend to play a hybrid of flatpicking and strumming, as well as the occasional finger-picking tune, and overall this guitar tends to work for me. Somebody who strums harder than me, however, will not probably dig it as much.


This is a seriously awesome guitar. As it's not that expensive, I'd say it's a pretty great deal overall. For a guitar that sounds this good in general, it's not really a bad purchase at all, and on top of that, it's acoustic-electric, so you have the benefit of using it live too. It'll sound good enough for most gigs, honestly. I highly recommend checking them out, they're tougher to find in the US but they're pretty getting pretty big in the UK and the rest of Europe!