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moosers 03/23/2010

Gibson SJ-100 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Gibson SJ-100 is a 'super jumbo' style acoustic guitar with a vintage look and feel. The guitar isn't an acoustic/electric, so there aren't any setting controls or pick ups. The neck of the guitar is made out of mahogany, the fretboard is made up of Indian rosewood, while the rest of the guitar is made up of a combination of premium spruce and bubinga.


The overall feel and accessibility of the Gibson SJ-100 is beyond outstanding. The SJ-100 is one of the easiest to play guitars that I've used that I can think of. The neck is fluid and it is easy to access notes all across the fretboard without a problem at all. The guitar is pretty big in general, as the body type is super jumbo, although this doesn't really add to the weight as it isn't all that heavy. The SJ-100 definitely has a classic look to it, with an overall beautiful looking design and make up. Getting a good sound is a lot easier than it is on most guitars.


The overall tone of the Gibson SJ-100 can be described as being extremely full bodied. It has a round quality to it that is emphasized by the large body. The sound of the guitar can easily fill a room, and it sounds awesome on recordings as well. I don't think that it has the type of sound that will favor one genre over another, but I will say that I have found it to sound great for folk and country type of tunes. However, I'm sure that it would fit in well in just about any context, as it is overall simply a great sounding instrument.


The Gibson SJ-100 definitely fits right in with Gibson's high end of acoustic guitar, which are some of the best being made today in my opinion. I can't get enough of the SJ-100, as everything ranging from the feel to the sound to the look is beyond great for my liking. The SJ-100 of course isn't the cheapest guitar out there, as it is really designed for professionals, but it also isn't the most expensive by a long shot. If you're looking to purchase a jumbo style acoustic guitar for any sort of purpose, I'd definitely recommend the Gibson SJ-100 without hesitation.