Cole Clark FL2AC Bunya/Maple
Cole Clark FL2AC Bunya/Maple

FL2AC Bunya/Maple, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Cole Clark in the FL2 series.

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heads on fire 12/31/2011

Cole Clark FL2AC Bunya/Maple : heads on fire のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"This is a perfect guitar."

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Made in Australia
All solid timber (native Australian woods) dreadnought with internally carved top and back
Finish: Nitrocellulose (natural satin)
Neck - Quilted Maple
Top - Solid Bunya or “AA” grade solid spruce top
Solid Bunya, Quiltedd Maple or blackwood back and sides
Inlaid timber face edge and rosette, all timber binding
Solid rosewood bridge and fingerboard (block inlays)
Grover Machine Heads
Cutaway for upper fret access
Dual input Acoustic Pick up (DIAP)
Dual Input pick up is Piezo type, bridge mounted and top plate sensor.


What a great instrument. The guitar excels in playability factors - any playing technique is possible, and causes the guitar to respond instantly and with authority. This is one of those "make you play better" instruments, as it will shine a spotlight on every single nuance of your playing, including any and every mistake. The build quality is of the highest caliber, and I love the fact that the guitar uses native woods from Australia! So many guitar companies nowadays will import wood, and while they result in great instruments, many times it could be considered a huge waste of natural resources (oil for shipping, trees wasted in shipping accidents, etc). This lets some little-used woods shine through for tone and looks, and allows Cole Clark to have a very recognizable product.


The sound from this guitar is thunderous, yet angelic. It will do whatever you tell it to do, so long as you ask nicely. The low end is huge, yet not overwhelming or muddy, and the top end has a vibrant shimmer to it. Middle frequencies get a bit of natural compression from the top, and they have a crisp presence. The pickup does a great job of translating the natural acoustic properties of the guitar into an amplified signal - it does not accentuate or cut any specific range, but it merely presents an accurate picture of the tonal response.


WOW. I can't recommend these guitars highly enough. The sound is incredible, the playability is out of this world, and they have such a great vibe! They look traditional enough from a few feet away, but getting up close, one can tell that this is not your grandpa's D-28. This is a perfect guitar.