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heads on fire 11/26/2011

Applause ovation : heads on fire のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Decent guitar for $150."

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Korea construction
Wood top (spruce, I believe)
Lyrachord back (this is Ovation's patented fiberglass material)
Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard
Built-in pickup system
Volume slider and tone slider
1/4" output jack


The AE28 Applause from Ovation is an easy guitar to play. I bought mine brand new, and it didn't need any saddle or neck adjustments. There is an annoyance factor from the bowl-shaped back, as it wants to slide off my lap. The fiberglass-type material that it is made of does not help this at all, as it is very frictionless. Tuners are good quality, which is rare in a guitar this inexpensive. Controls are very simple - volume and tone, and they work well.


This guitar doesn't sound bad. Good, in fact, for the price range. The annoyance factor with the guitar sliding off is caused by the bowl-shaped back; however, that same bowl-shaped back is what allows the guitar's sound to project outward from the soundhole, and be loud and bold sounding. It is a pretty bright guitar, with decent definition. The piezo element pickup is alright - it does an adequate job of picking up the string sound, and it doesn't sound too quacky or crackly. With a lot of tailoring from a pedal, acoustic amp, or mixing board (via EQ settings), one can get this guitar to sound pretty good.


I'll call this a 7 on a scale of 10, for the price point. It sounds good, plays well, and looks good (this rosette is a neat cosmetic touch). I really loathe the fact that the guitar wants to slide off of my lap - I guess affixing some type of cloth material to the back would help it get a lot more friction, thereby causing less slippage. Either way, if the bowled back annoyances aren't too much to handle, this is a good inexpensive guitar.