Johnson Guitars JB-24 Deep Body Jumbo
Johnson Guitars JB-24 Deep Body Jumbo

JB-24 Deep Body Jumbo, 4-string acoustic bass guitar from Johnson Guitars.

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Daltonion 07/03/2011

Johnson Guitars JB-24 Deep Body Jumbo : Daltonion のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Great for the campfire"

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This bass can really resonate and even in the outdoors it can entertain a bonfire if played with gusto. I wish it was a bit more finger friendly, but with some soft strings this isn't a huge downfall.
If you can find one cheap and second hand it will prove well worth your money but there are other acoustic basses even made by Ibanez that are well worth exploring if your looking for something brand new. The AEB5E Acoustic-Electric Bass Ibanez offers, for example, has better playability and less resonance but will allow you to plug in to an amp which may prove more worth your dollars.

The lows and high want to punch and can really compliment an acoustic session and is an ideal choice for the gypsy on a budget. The more relaxed side of the tone, with quality strings, is deep and warm.

I still happily play this bass but am looking forward to finding something I can hop around a bit more nimbley on.