Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus

Pedal Power 2 Plus, ペダル用 AC アダプター from Voodoo Lab in the Pedal Power series.

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rarson 03/26/2008

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus : rarson のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus is exactly what it sounds like: a power supply for multiple guitar pedals. Voodoo Labs states that each of the 8 9V outputs is completely isolated, short-circuit protected, and highly filtered and regulated to provide power that is free of hum and noise. I will venture to guess that most people using standard wall warts will probably benefit from lower noise by using this supply, as I did. Another benefit is actually ditching all those separate adapters and plugging everything in using one three-prong plug.

As stated previously, the Pedal Power 2 Plus features 8 outputs, which can be configured and used to supply power in several ways. The first four outputs can be used to supply Boss pedals that require ACA power adapters. Outputs 5 and 6 can be used to power Line6 modeling pedals, and outputs 7 and 8 allow voltage adjustments between 4V and 9V to simulate worn batteries. All outputs are configured for these options via a small set of DIP switches on the underside of the unit. There is also an AC auxiliary outlet with a max rating of 200W (they strongly warn not to plug your amplifier into it), which is nice for people with an oddball AC pedal like the Digitech Whammy which usually can't be supplied by a 9V pedal board supply.

This unit can even use two outputs together to power an 18V pedal, though the required connector is not included. And annoyingly enough, while there is a nice selection of connectors supplied, someone with a full pedal board is likely to require additional connectors. The 8 outputs can all be used as normal 9V, and since that is the most common means of powering pedals, it might seem likely that it would come with 8 connectors, but it only comes with 6. There are two additional connectors for Line6 modeling pedals that use a different barrel connector, a 9V battery snap that allows powering a pedal that doesn't have a jack, and 3.5mm mini-plug adaptor. For things like reverse-polarity barrel connectors and 18V connectors, the manual advises you to contact Voodoo Labs.

While it's nice to have a variety of connectors, to me it would make sense to include 8 of the standard connectors because they are the most common. On the plus side, even if you require a seventh connector, at the very least you can use the battery snap and still power the pedal, but this is a little less than elegant and probably not preferred by most people. In my case, I needed only 6, so I lucked out. I don't really plan on buying any Line6 modeling pedals, so the extra connectors for those are a bit useless to me, as is the mini-plug, but you never know.

I applaud Voodoo Labs for their excellent manual. It's short and to-the-point, but includes thorough instructions about setting up pedals and even safety warnings to prevent damage to any of your equipment, leaving no doubt as to whether you might be setting anything up incorrectly. It even includes advice about setting up the actual pedal board itself. Many manuals today are typically either incomplete or difficult to understand, and while there's not much to this unit, it outlines everything it has to and even goes a little beyond, and in my opinion it demonstrates a commitment to their customer that many companies lack. Voodoo's manual makes sure it has your back.

One of the nice touches about this product is that its height was kept short to allow it for fitting in a rack, if you so desire. And even though it only comes with certain connectors, Voodoo Labs can supply just about any connector you'd ever need, like if you wanted a longer length. I initially thought the lengths were a bit short, as I have my pedals sprawled out in a line, but they turned out to be plenty long enough (though I can imagine situations where a person might need longer).

I bought this from Musicians Friend for $170, and while the price is a bit steep, I think it's an invaluable piece of equipment, and is indispensable to my setup. It provides pure, clean power, simplifies the pedal setup, and makes for a much cleaner installation. Voodoo's manual suggests that their support is top-notch, and the unit oozes quality. I'm even more inclined to look into some of their effects pedals after owning the Pedal Power 2 Plus.