Avatar Speakers Traditional G412 special
Avatar Speakers Traditional G412 special

Traditional G412 special, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Avatar Speakers.

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Hatsubai 03/17/2011

Avatar Speakers Traditional G412 special : Hatsubai のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Decent but somewhat lacking 4x12"

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The Avatar Speaker Traditional G412 was the first guitar cabinet I ever bought. They come in a wide variety of color combinations, speakers and various ohm ratings to match the perfect cabinet to whatever amplifier you’re connecting it to. The cabinet is made out of 13-ply Birch plywood and has a jack on the back that allows you to daisy chain other cabinets to it.

The construction of the cabinet is solid. The joints are good, the tolex isn’t bad, and while the grill cloth isn’t the best, it’s definitely not terrible. Avatar mainly caters to the budget musician, and they offer a lot of variety for the price. My personal cabinet was equipped with Celestion Vintage 30s, but they have a plethora of other speakers for you to try out.

There were two issues I had with the cabinet. The first one was the overall size. This 4x12 is actually smaller than most regular cabinets out there. It’s somewhat bright and boxy because of that. Stacking another 4x12 on top of it can be a bit of hassle due to the size, too. The other problem was that the speakers are front loaded. I’m not a fan of front loaded speaker cabinets as they tend to be more direct and don’t fill up the room quite as nicely in my experience.

The price point on these is quite good when comparing speaker cabinets, and Avatar isn’t a company to cut corners. The handles are metal, and the wiring is nice and beefy. The additional choice of being able to choose exactly what you want is a nice bonus, but if I had to do it all over again on that budget, I’d probably look into buying a Marshall cabinet. The new Marshall cabinets need some modding to sound really good, but with a few minutes of labor, you could have a rival to the Avatar cabinet at roughly the same price point. Worth checking out, but there are better options out there.