Edirol PCR-50
Edirol PCR-50

PCR-50, 49-Key MIDI Keyboard from Edirol in the PCR series.

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FP User 11/01/2008

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The only thing i would add to this keyboard is better documentation (it really does suck as far as usefulness) i might be particular and add some weighted keys but that would raise the price substantially

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The controllers loaded easily and showed up instantly on my mac.... the faders and knobs are a nice feature because u can control the NN-XT in reason from the knobs on the console (delay, decay etc)

the keys have such a great feel (for not being weighted).... the fluidity of midi data transfered is like ur actually playing the instrument patch ur using


All in all for the price and for the trusted name (edirol is part of the Roland corp) and for the durability (i beat on the keys lol) its one of the best things i have bought for midi... i have nothing but good things to say

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: papirock (January 1-, 2005)