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Alesis Q49
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DJ Henny 01/29/2011

Alesis Q49 : DJ Henny のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Great entry level midi controller."

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Being honest, I bought this midi keyboard as a cheap replacement and a temporary (at the time) measure. There is a decent pitch wheel and a modulation wheel on it which serve basic needs brilliantly and effectively. The interface of the keyboard is very easy to use and would be great for anybody just starting up in music production. It connects VIA USB into a computer and is plug in play with no drivers needed to use. It comes with a free Ableton LITE disk whch is very handy for the starter. There are no pedals or any real extras that come with the keyboard, it is a pure midi keyboard as they come.


The set up is as simple as it could possibly be. Literally plug in and play after setting it up in your DAW of choice. When I bought it I first installed Ableton Lite as I wanted a change from FL studio for a while. As stated earlier, this is great for the starter as they don't need to do much research to get straight into production. There are no patches with the keyboard as it is simply just a midi controller. There are octave buttons if you require to go over the 49 keys that are there which are easily reachable from lower octaves.


I like how it is cheap and readily available for the entry user. I would reccomend this keyboard to anybody who is looking to start out in music and wants a quick introduction to production. I have had many other keyboards in the past "superior" to this one but I am not even bothering to re upgrade as the Q49 does exactly what it is meant to do. Knowing what I would know now, I would have originally got this "cheap" keyboard instead of splashing out on more expensive models that only went on to break!