Allen & Heath Xone:S2
Allen & Heath Xone:S2

Xone:S2, 4+ Channel Mixer from Allen & Heath in the Xone series.

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JimboSpins 03/26/2013

Allen & Heath Xone:S2 : JimboSpins のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Compressor/Limiter is great"

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The Allen & Heath Xone: S2 is a DJ mixer that can be racked. It has 2 mono mic inputs and 4 stereo dual input channels. There are a total of 5 outputs on this mixer. The audio signals that will come out of this unit are very clean. I have used it in a many clubs and never had any issues with it. The price is pretty affordable considering all the features that it has.


Setting this mixer up is very quick and easy, all you need to do is plug in your gear, or if you want to use it as a USB interface you can. If you want to use it as an interface it can record directly to your DAW or you can use your computer for effects. This mixer does have mic ducking, and it will give you full control over the feature by allowing you to control the depth and release of the mic ducking. I have used many units that didn’t give me control over the release and it can get very sloppy when trying to talk over the music.


This mixer can be put right in a rack and you will not have to worry about it at all. Even if you do not want to rack it there is nothing to worry about because it is very well built. I have had no issues with it “burning out” like I have read from other users.


Also the compressor on this mixer is very good, the limiter too. I didn’t expect to get a limiter as good as the one on the S2 was for this price. It have used this mixer as an interface and a mixer for my turntables before. It can handle just about anything and it is still working great today. I have been using it for almost 3 years now and have no complaints!