Allen & Heath Xone:32 (Old Design)
Allen & Heath Xone:32 (Old Design)

Xone:32 (Old Design), 3-Channel Mixer from Allen & Heath in the Xone series.

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FP User 11/01/2008

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Not much more to ask for from the feature list.. aux sends, individual channel peak meters, fully adjustable xfader curve. They've even got little curtains running the lenght of the faders to keep the dust out! The VCF is a joy to use, that warm analogue feel to the sound puts equivilant effects on Pioneers DJM600 to shame. Being a mid to high end offering, there are a few things it could be marked down on though. The channel peak meters don't allow for too much accuracy given there represented by only 4 LEDs. I constantly find myself fine tuning the levels by ear rather than what those LEDs tell me. All the same the cue split works perfectly so getting used to it that way doesn't mean you can't nail every mix! The gain adjustments being on the rear posed me no problems whatsoever, they're easy to reach and Humvee solid. The centre channel isn't assignable to the xfader, but I use it mainly as an effects return, so don't miss the bit of functionality it's lacking. Each of the 3 channels double up as line ins too, so CD decks can go on either of the 2 xfader assignable channels anyway. The things A&H have decided to do without on this don't really detract a lot from the mixer, just make you want one of their higher models so I suppose if you really can't do with the little gripes mentioned, you really should be looking at the more expensive models. Bang for buck on the feature list, everything's there to a major extent, and what is there is done to a very high quality.

Price paid: £425 GBP


Dead simple to use, as it should be. The trickiest part to get used to is the VCF, and even that really is a cinch to get used too (it really does sound ace!) Nothing on this mixer is complicated, whether you want to change the crossfader curve on the fly to drop a few scratches, or recall a preset VCF setting to drop in some phasing effects, everything falls by your fingertips. Not seeing the gain pots doesn't detract from their usability either, the rock solid feeling through touch has never let me down. Reall can't think of one thing that takes away from this one. Once you've tried it for a mix, what would appear to detract from the experience beforehand simply isn't there.


Great sound quality, as expected. Got to be one of this mixers strong points. Although there's only 3 EQs per channel, they do there job admirably, with no funny or unexpected attenuations. Really gives a nice flat response through a decent set of monitors, ready to shape as you see fit with the components in the board doing what they should to give a crystal clear signal out the back.


Coming up on half a year with the mixer now and not one glitch or problem. I hear A&H are generally good at customer support, but given the tank like qualities of this mixer I doubt I'll ever need to speak to them! They seem to have gone and designed a mixer without any frilly surfaces for grime to build up on, and the sensitive areas (namely, the faders) are flanked by rubber curtains. The pots are all solid as a house, and the xfader is replaceable (Penny&Giles here I come, once this one eventually bites the dust, probably in a long time for now!) The split cue fader could do with being a little more chunky feeling, but the dip is still there at 50/50 and clicks as firmly as ever, so I suppose it's just it's relatively diminutive size that makes it feel less chunky. All the push buttons have remained as responsive as their first push, and no complaints from loose jacks at the rear. All in all, this thing is up there with the best of them, I'm sure it's build quality is no less than the 62 or 92.

This thing is just out and out class, so long as you realise what it's for (ie, don't expect not to use an effects unit too, if you want as big a range of tricks as a 600). What it does it does with ease and too the highest standard. If your looking for a mixer for that you can put in the middle of a high quality, medium sized set up, this is for you. More channels would only help if you have the stuff to plug in to it, so you should know straight away if the extra channels of bigger mixers are needed. This thing sits at the top of the 3-channel pile in my estimation. I new it was exactly what I wanted before I got it, and it really has met and exceeded my high expectations. If your looking for effects, I'd recommend this and a seperate unit over Pioneers DJM600, a jack of all trades is a master of none. What this does simply, it does to perfection.

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Posted by: costello (January 0-, 2005)