Avatar Speakers Contemporary 212
Avatar Speakers Contemporary 212

Contemporary 212, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Avatar Speakers.

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nickname009 08/30/2011

Avatar Speakers Contemporary 212 : nickname009 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"best bang for the buck cab! ever!"

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Personally, it's sometimes difficult to judge whether a cab is good or not. As most of them are built quite well and nearly 99% of them are some sort of birch ply. Even if it's not, sometimes they can still sound great depending on the speaker. I think majority of the time, maybe more than 85% of the tone comes from the speaker, and the cab and how it's built, will reflect how well it projects.

I have used this cab with a few speakers, firstly the regular celestion vintage 30s that came with this cab, and I also attempted to put 2 EVM-12L speakers in there and tried to carry it and failed. Those speaker were monstrously heavy!!! I'm not a big person so it was pretty difficult for me. Only Zakk Wylde could carry a 412 loaded with those things by himself with just one arm!!

Anyhoo back to the cab. It's solid! Gigged with it for about a year and it was still in one piece, the celestions were good as they are almost always are. Again this is the modern-like cab with modern aesthetics and slightly different baffling I believe. It also looks to be bigger in depth than the traditional 212 from avatar, which I also owned. This one has generally bigger and deeper bass response which gives the impression that the overall guitar signal is scooped. Which is good or bad depending on how you tweak your rig. I generally like a tight bass response so with a cab like this I have my bass turned down quite a bit on the amp to compensate.

There also seems to be less upper midrange and more lower midrange vs the traditional, of course this is all part of the 'modern' sound. I think it depends on the speaker too. It is a little shorter in height than the traditional as well and I don't really like that so I laid it sideways.

Eventually I sold this cab and stuck with the traditional. I am just used to the sound of a traditional styled cabinet even though the contemporary looks better in my opinion.This is not to say that it sounds bad. This is a great sounding cab for the price! Pair it with any speaker you want and you won't regret it!