Novation Remote 25 SL MkII
Novation Remote 25 SL MkII

Remote 25 SL MkII, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from Novation in the Remote series.

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moosers 02/17/2011

Novation Remote 25 SL MkII : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Novation Remote 25 SL MkII is a 25 key MIDI controller for all types of uses. It comes in a few different sizes in terms of the amount of keys available, with this one being the smallest of the bunch. The controller has connections for MIDI input and thru, with two separate MIDI out channels. It also has 1/4" connections for both an expression and sustain pedal, as well as a USB port. It can be powered via either the USB port or with a nine volt power supply.


Using the Novation Remote 25 SL MkII overall isn't difficult, but learning everything that it has to offer is going to take a bit of use. I really just scratched the surface with this controller, but it's got as much control as you could ask for from a MIDI controller. In addition to the fairly standard controls, it has eight faders, a unique toggle pitch controller, transport buttons, and assignable parameter controls. The feel of the keys isn't the best but isn't the worst by far. It's easy enough to play, I'll say that. I haven't seen the manual, but it might not be a bad idea if you've just bought this and want to learn everything about it.


The Novation Remote 25 SL MkII is among the best MIDI controllers of this size that I've used. It also comes in 49 and 61 key models, so don't let the size of this model deter you. It's pretty much the perfect MIDI controller for anyone who wants a ton of control and options to work with, but if you're after a simple controller, this isn't it. For me at home I have an M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro, which is less in depth as I don't necessarily need all the controls this has to offer. Having said this, many people certainly will need the parameters and welcome the in depth control. It's of course going to be a bit more expensive than your average controller because of this, but it's definitely not your average MIDI controller...